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If you have plenty of time to have fun. Do not miss the opportunity to join the online game Sausage Run. The sausage race is very attractive. You will find this is a fun game, you don't have to put too much pressure to play. Invite your friends to explore now! The red sausage wants to win, help it run faster than other sausages. Sausage battle for first place in this fun racing game, don't let them win the game! Enjoy playing this fun game!

Test your ultimate skills as you overcome obstacles. Conquer many challenging levels. The gameplay is simple and fun. Simply bring the sausage to the winning line. Many challenging levels. Difficulty varies from very easy to very difficult. Intuitive control. The gameplay is simple but challenging. Beautiful and stylized graphic design! Enjoy now Sausage Run online game at You will play with interesting friends! To control the battle, you need to skillfully control your sausage character not to hit the blades on the road. You will start playing with a lot of other sausages.

However, on the road, many tools will cut it. So you need to be quick to change skills to be able to go down the road easily. There are too many dangers. It will destroy most of the players. You need to master speed and use skillful skills. The game has a lot of levels, how many will you pass? It all depends on your ingenuity.


Use mouse to play or touch screen on a mobile device.

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