Shark Ships game

Shark Ships is an intense boat racing game to play. We are here on the seashore to race against each other. So get ready for your shark ship to race and reach the destination first to win the race. You can upgrade or customize your boat to get ready to race. Evade all the obstacles in between and be safe from the defense system opponents have. Collect and unlock the powerups in between to get more help in Shark Ships Game. Race and win among the opponents and have fun. You are having two modes here, race and spectator, enjoy any mode and have fun.

In front of you on the screen you will see your ship made in the form of a shark, on which various weapons will be installed. At the signal, you will gradually gain speed and swim forward along a certain route. Your rivals will do the same. Because of this, the route will turn into a solid battlefield. You will have to catch up with your opponents and, having caught in the sight, open fire to kill. By shooting accurately, you will destroy the enemy and get points for it. Finishing first will win the race and will be able to upgrade your ship.

How to play:

You can use your mouse to play.

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