Stickman Shadow Hero game

It’s not easy to find a fun game or a game that makes you fall in love after a few seconds. However, tons of amazing choices are available for you to discover and Stickman Shadow Hero is one of them. It’s a cool action game in which you help a stickman defeat all bad guys in 24 challenging levels.

In each level, you have to kill a certain number of enemies to unlock the next round. Your character auto-battles and your job is to equip him with some useful items. Due to the turn-based combat mechanism, you can’t dodge the attack of the enemies. It’s not easy to win the battle because enemies are much stronger than your stickman. Besides, at the end of every level, you will meet a boss. Because you lost HP fighting the minions before meeting the boss, then you can be easily defeated by the boss.

However, you can increase your character’s stats including health, damage, defense, and luck. On ABCya3 online, when you win, you get some items and you can mix 2 items to create a new one that gives you some advantages in the battle. Before starting a battle, don’t forget to check out your inventory to equip your character with some useful items such as health potions or drones. Don’t give up if you lose several times. Even you lose, you still earn EXP to level up. Level up increases your stats and it can say that losing helps you too in some ways.

How to play:

Use your mouse or finger.

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