Super Heroes Ball game

Super Heroes Ball is an enjoyable and challenging adventure game about your favorite superheroes. Yes, you will play as a superhero starting with Spiderman but in form of a ball. you will roll and jump over the obstacles and collect 6 infinity stones during the way to reach the portal to teleport to the next level. All villains out there won’t let you progress easily and safely. They will try to stop you at all costs.

They will send their minions to kill you and place traps around to stop you. You have to be careful in every step you make. Otherwise, you will lose your life before you reach the portal. In terms of 6 infinity stones, each stone will give you a characteristic that helps you complete your mission easier. So try to collect them and make use of them to get advantages. You have limited HP and each time you crash into obstacles, you lose some HP. However, when you fall into the gap, your adventure ends right away and you have to start from the beginning.

On ABCya3, you can see how much HP you have left by looking at the HP bar in the upper left corner of the screen. You don’t have any special items to recover HP during your journey. Keep it in your mind so that you will be more careful. The first part of the game includes 19 levels and when you conquer all of them, the second part will unlock and your main objective is still the same.


WASD or arrow keys to control your superhero.

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