Super Snappy Boomguys game

Super Snappy Boomguys is an exciting multiplayer Bomberman game that offers the ultimate gaming experience. Personalize your avatar, interact with friends through chat, and aim to be the sole survivor in intense battles. Aim for victory and rise to the pinnacle of the weekly tournament leaderboard. Stay tuned for additional game modes that promise even more thrilling gameplay. Dive into this explosive multiplayer adventure and show your skills to become the ultimate "Boomguys" champion!

You can play or register by logging in as a guest. You must register for some features and advancements. You can join the war whenever you want. The player with the highest score until time runs out will win. At the end of the game, your rankings will be announced with the medal ceremony. Aim to throw bombs far away. Catch your opponents off guard. The most intense clashes take place right in the middle of the arena. Bomb this place. Stay away from dead ends. You can also open a new path for yourself by using your bomb. This is a great place for bombers!

Please share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have relaxing moments together. It's great if you experience yourself and some other similar reflex game-like Silly Ways To Get Infected and Island Survival 3D.

Game controls:

  • WASD to move the character
  • Left mouse button to aim and fire bombs
Published by company: Gamebop
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