The Bonfire Forsaken Lands game

The new ABCya3 interactive game of The Bonfire Forsaken Lands will bring the 2D animation with the best storyline of a samurai who is trying to save his village with the magical bonfire. You will assist the samurai on the quest to light up the bonfire that can defeat the evils and bring the light back to the village in this game! There are two game modes Normal and Hard - which might bring permanent death to the loss sooner.

Pick the one that suits your more and start learning how to gather the required resources in this game. As the ultimate goal is to build your territory in snowy land, you will need to start with the task of gathering wood pieces from the forest. To manage workers and resources, keep gathering and build the necessary infrastructure to survive monsters. The wave of attacks will start soon and you need to prepare to have what it takes to protect the villagers during the nights. When the players proceed through levels of this game, they will gain access to more crafting options and assembling choices that allow them to build up the advanced infrastructure.

Don't forget to discover more territories and the special land while learning how to trade with other villagers and different civilizations to unlock the secrets of the ancients! If you haven't tried out any game from with such an in-depth simulation, start enjoying the snowy landscape and dive into the minimalist aesthetics of this game now!

Controlling keys:

Click the left mouse button to interact and drag it to move the camera.

Play using the touchpad on mobiles or tablets.

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Xigma Games

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