Wizard Arcadia game

Wizards' Arcadia is a fantasy medieval world where magic and wonders are commonplace. The main character is a wizard who lives in a peaceful kingdom where humans and magic users live in harmony. However, the peaceful existence of the kingdom was disrupted when villains attacked its territory, seeking to seize the magical energy present in this world. As one of the defenders of the kingdom, the wizard stood guard at his home and began to fight against the villains.

You will play as a strong sorcerer who lives on the edge of a prosperous and peaceful country where people and wizards get along. But the peace of the people who lived there ended when an enemy army quickly attacked. The leader of the enemy army wanted to take an old magical artifact. In order to keep the enemies from getting into the castle and stealing the relic that can destroy the world, you need to protect it.

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How to play: 

Controls: PC: - Move character: Use WASD keys or arrow keys - Aim spells: Move mouse cursor - Cast spell: Left-click or press Spacebar - Switch between spells: Use number keys (1-6) - Open inventory: Press I - Interact with objects: Right-click or press E - Use potion: Press P - Pause game: Press Esc Mobile: - Move character: Swipe finger on the screen in the desired direction - Aim spells: Drag finger on the screen to adjust aim - Cast spell: Tap on the spell icon displayed on the screen - Switch between spells: Swipe left or right on the spell panel 


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