Among vs Creeper game

Among vs Creeper is a fascinating shooting action game. In this game, your mission is to try to survive and eliminate asteroids and collect bonuses and weapons.

Start the game to join the space war with the famous Among character. Your character will automatically fire bullets and your task is to move Among to shoot the meteors you want and avoid the meteors that can't be destroyed in time. Try to live as long as you can! During the shooting process, you will collect bonuses and weapons. Collect weapons to experience and find the most powerful weapon. Collect boosters to increase your character's fire rate and stamina.

How to control:

Move your crewmate left, right, up, and down in space by using the mouse on a computer or your finger on a mobile device. If you point at asteroids, they will be shot down automatically, giving you points for catching the orbs they leave behind.


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