Arrow Count Master game

Welcome to Arrow Count Master! Arrow Count Master is a fun casual arcade game. Choose glass doors with large numbers, this will increase the number of your arrows, try to avoid the red doors, they will decrease the number of your arrows. When your number reaches zero, your pace stops back at the same place. Don't forget to collect coins, they can be used to buy new skins! Come join and have a great time playing!

In the new exciting online game Arrow Count Master your task is to hit as many opponents as possible. In front of you on the screen you will see the road above which your arrow will be located. On a signal, it will begin to move over the road surface, gradually picking up speed. Using the control keys, you can control its flight. Look carefully at the screen. On the road, in the path of your arrow, force fields with numbers will appear. You will have to make the arrow fly through the field where the largest positive number is. This way you will increase the number of your arrows. At the end you will see many targets and if you have enough arrows you will hit them all.

Controlling key:

You can drag the arrows with the cursor to get them through the portals with mathematical operations.

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