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Do you agree that each abcya3 simulator game brings you a different gaming experience and all are enjoyable? How many simulator games have you ever played? It’s hard to count, isn’t it? Why don’t you try a new one here? It’s called Feller 3D. You will play as a lumberjack, a logger, and even a designer. Your final target is to build as many houses as possible and to do it, you have to do a lot of jobs by yourself from cutting trees, felling, sawing, and bark stripping, to separating lumber into the board.

Each level is a mission and when you clear each mission, you will get wood to build a house. By building a house, you will get money. As you progress, you can unlock a lot of useful items and discover new tools and new ways to get wood. For example, you can use a saw, a saw machine, or an axe to cut trees. You can strip bark by using a hand wood planer or a heavy-duty wood planer machine. Building a house is fast and easy but to collect enough wood to build a house, you have to spend a lot of time. This game offers instructions and commands, then every player of all ages can enjoy it.

The players just need to follow the patterns and follow the commands to clear each mission. By using the wood that you have collected, you can build, customize and decorate houses. Besides earning money from building houses, you can get money from completely different achievements as well. Also, don’t forget to spin the lucky spin to claim rewards.

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