Human Wheel game

Become the leader of a good journey called the Human Wheel. Players will move through positions to gather people and form a big wheel. The content of this game is interesting at Your team will overcome all obstacles in large numbers. Collect the gold coins and raise the score at the end road. Calculate your moves on the run and save as many members of the wheel as possible. See how far you can go in this crazy survival race.

Every online game player chooses the game and how to play to relax. Win all the levels with the highest score you have. Share tips to play online and complete the mission brilliantly. Your friends are also ready to unlock new ways of playing online games at ABCya3. Create a large number of troops until you finish the challenges. If you do not have enough team members, this game will be over. Many players have unlocked new missions and overcome all the challenges of the game world of various themes.

Do not hesitate to join our new game space. With new gameplay tips, you can perfect the game and relax after a stressful working hour. Roll over all positions and increase the number on the team. Great ways to play keep you at the top of today's player rankings. We are always working hard to help each player choose their favorite game list that matches the theme. Are you ready to complete every mission to become the best player today?


Use the left mouse to move through different positions of the journey

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