Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack game

Who doesn’t like Shaun The Sheep, the favorite animated show of both kids and adults? Shaun is an intelligent sheep and his sheep family is cute. In Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack at, something fun is about to happen. What game do you think Shaun will come up with? It seems that they go out and come home late and now, they have to enter the barn through the window because the main door is locked.

They will use a pant hanging on the clothesline as a slingshot and launch the sheeps one by one until they create a pile of sheep and reach the window. All the sheep are in a line or more and waiting for their turn. You need to adjust the strength and the angle to launch each sheep and make each one land in the right place. Don’t worry if you launch them too far from the destination. On abcya3 puzzle games, if someone falls, they will return to the line. The sheep you have are uncountable but don’t make them fall too many.

The fewer the sheep fall, the more scores you have. Of course, don’t expect that the game is easy and all levels are equally simple. The difficulty level will increase as you advance. One of the other awesome things about this game is that it doesn’t require you to finish each level within a certain amount of time and a specific number of sheep, then feel free to play the game as you want. Start stacking them up and help them go in the barn.

How to play:

Mouse to play.

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