Super Snappy Pet Hop game

Super Snappy Pet Hop is the ultimate hopscotch game that will test your reflexes and accuracy like never before. In this engaging and addictive casual game, you will control an adorable pet and guide it through a series of thrilling jumps. Purpose? To land your pet right in the middle of the jumping pad and achieve the highest possible combo.

Your objective in this game is to earn more points than the players you are matched with to win. When you start the game, you will be matched with a player, and each player plays the game in turns. The gameplay and controls are simple! When it's your turn, you take control of your pet. Your pet will hop forward on its own, and you should click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor left and right to move your pet. 

The gameplay is simple but extremely challenging. You'll use intuitive swipe controls to control your pet, ensuring it lands at the perfect time on the jump pad. It sounds easy, but as you progress, the difficulty will increase and hitting those high combos will become a real test of your skills. What makes Super Snappy Pet Hop different is its competitive advantage. You can challenge your friends and engage in friendly competition as you compete for the top spot in the weekly tournament. Will you be the one to climb to the top of the leaderboard and win?

Game controls: Mouse/touch.

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