The Smurfs Skate Rush game

Here is another addictive endless runner game - Smurfs Skate Rush. Do you miss Smurf and other cute blue characters from The Smurfs cartoons and films? Now, you will meet them on a non-stop skateboard adventure. Smurf is being chased by a giant cat through his village. He can’t escape from the cat without your help. Then, helping Smurf run as far as possible is your main goal here. The gameplay is too familiar to you for sure. Smurf will automatically skateboard ahead and all you need to do is to swerve among the lanes to help him avoid crashing into obstacles and to help him collect as many strawberries as possible.

Strawberries are used to unlock other characters such as Papa Smurf, Hefty, Handy, Storm, and so on. Besides, you also can use strawberries to buy new skateboards and upgrade the use time of some power-ups that you can collect while skateboarding such as Multiply, Potion, Helmet, and Magnet. Like other endless runner games at ABCya3 games, those power-ups will help you a lot in your adventure. You can collect many strawberries at a time or be safe from crashing into obstacles. However, don’t pay too much attention to collecting strawberries or power-ups because doing that may lead you to danger.

Leave some behind and it will be fine. Tons of strawberries and power-ups are waiting for you ahead. Keeping life safe is a top priority. Furthermore, you can collect prizes by completing missions and achievements via the Rankings menu. Start skateboarding up the ramps, and pass all obstacles and barriers to going to the furthest.


Arrow keys.

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